Set your arms on fire with this simple little circuit incorporating weights and body weight exercises. Don’t be scared of the weights element – there is nothing heavy here – it is all about the repetition.

10, 20, 30

  1. Shoulder Press ( 10 Kgs )
  2. Hand Release Push Ups
  3. Bicep Curls ( 10 Kgs )
  4. Triceps Dips

Simply work your way up with the repetitions in this workout. I.e.  do ten of each exercise from 1 – 4, then 20 of each, then 30 of each. Monitor your time!


Aim for under 15 minutes with a goal of under 10. Keep track of your time from workout to workout. If you are getting too quick then you can always increase the weights.


  • Keep elbows in close to your ribs at all times when doing your dips curls and push ups.
  • Sore shoulders? Try an upright row – ask one of the Mingara One Fitness crew on the floor who can take you through an upright row…this is a great alternative to the shoulder press.
  • Tricep dips can be done off a bench in the gym.

Mix it up

  • Hit the parallel bars to take your tricep dips to the next level.
  • Change the weight when it is all getting too easy.
  • Swap the dips out for a tricep pull down (at one of the weights stations – the handle with the rope).

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