Broga is back. Get out of the way, ladies! Yoga is no longer just for the women. At Mingara One Fitness, we are revolutionising the fitness game. We’ve made a yoga class just for the bros: Broga! Men, there’s no need to feel uncomfortable doing (or even thinking about doing) yoga anymore. Our Broga sessions offer a comfortable and fun environment for guys to embrace their inner yoga-loving self. Even if you didn’t know you had one!

Why is Broga great for guys?

Broga isn’t just some hipster fad that’s overstayed its welcome, it’s a full-fledged sweat-inducing, fat-burning, muscle building workout. Yoga (and its manly cousin Broga) works the entire body. More specifically, it works the core and focuses on your strength and stability. If you want to lift more, exercise longer and lose weight, yoga and all it offers is for you. There’s no better way to build your core, increase flexibility and strengthen your body than through a relaxing yet hardworking men’s yoga session. Some poses may have some goofy names (downward dog…!), but they will leave your muscles burning and your body feeling great.

Plus, Broga is a great way to relieve stress and relax your mind. A big part of yoga is breathing, which can be an exercise in itself at times. These breathing techniques along with the simple but effective movements combine for the ultimate relaxation regime. For some bros, just switching the mind off and thinking about nothing is hard enough. If you don’t want to do Broga for the fitness, at least do it to clear your head after a long day’s work. We won’t judge!

Broga at Mingara One Fitness

Yoga is only as good as its instructor. Thankfully, here at Mingara One Fitness we’ve got the best in the business. John is a fitness lover just like you. He wants to share his passion for fitness- and more importantly, yoga- and he’ll make even the manliest of men fall in love with Broga. John understands the preconception of yoga being just for the chicks, but his goal is to shatter it! He wants to prove that yoga is both a seriously challenging and seriously beneficial exercise for blokes that can enhance your performance in many sports (and…*ahem*…in other areas). Forget everything you’ve ever thought about yoga and come experience real fitness and flexibility through one of our Broga sessions. John brings his own flavour to the class so that it caters to beginners, sceptics and yoga gurus. He loves to learn new tips from the guys and watch the guys take on new challenges in each class.

Broga sessions

Go against the crowd. By joining one of our Broga sessions, you will be introduced into a whole new world of fitness. You’ll never think that guys don’t do yoga ever again.

We offer two different sessions:

  • Monday: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Sunday: 8:30am – 9:30am

Wear your shoes/slippers/sandals to class and place them in the shoe rack outside the studio. It is definitely shoes off in Studio 3 and even shirts off for fellas if you are so inclined. Otherwise just wear comfy gear that you can move around in.

You can come clear your head after your first (and somehow always the longest) day back at work for the week. Or you can come in early Sunday morning to relieve all the week’s stress and prepare your mind for the week ahead. Either way, our Broga sessions will leave you feeling great!

Still not convinced yoga can be for the guys? Come in and try a class. It’ll kick your butt- and it just might become your new favourite exercise!

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