Do you struggle with anxiety, depression or lack of vitality and determination?

Do you want to try something that has helped people for thousands of years overcome their worries, sadness, lack of confidence and drive to succeed?

Meet Aimee

Aimee Vella

I am Aimee Vella a Chinese Medical practitioner with experience in one of Chinas specialist hospitals. I have been offering treatments to people with mental illness or brain fog, as I like to call it for over 14 years. I can help you overcome your brain fog by getting to the root cause of this illness by using gentle acupuncture practices, herbal medicine and emotional release techniques to balance the deficiencies within your body and make you a stronger more confident person with less chitter chatter in your head and less heaviness on your chest.

What is Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine brings a wealth of knowledge and longevity health secrets from centuries of ancient Chinese Medicine to the modern Australian lifestyle. It is an ancient medical practice that emphasises on regulating the integrity of the human body and its interrelationship with the individual’s genetics, history and natural environment. It is a holistic approach that is based on linking the individual’s body, mind and emotions.

Like to find out more?

You can find Aimee at 6s Physio in the Wellness Precinct of the Mingara Recreation Club. So if you want to have more control over your health please phone 6S Physio on 43889944 and ask to for an appointment with Aimee Vella.

Stay tuned to find out more about what Chinese Medicine can do for you to get you feeling at your best.

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