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One Broga

One for the Bro’s

1. an exercise regime for men that combines fitness exercises with traditional yoga postures; blend of bro(ther) + yoga.

Mingara One Fitness has added something special to the Studio 3, Mind & Body mix, with Broga. Hot Yoga, just for the Bro’s.  Broga is for any Bro who wants to add Hot Yoga into their training mix. Try something new, increase you strength and stability, learn how to relax, stop and make time for you. Yes Bro’s you need to do that too. Be guided through a series of postures and poses designed to work up a sweat in a heated Studio 3

Yoga for Bros-  clear your mind, relax and stretch…be still.

Time: 60 min

Bring: A yoga mat, towel, water

Wear: Barefoot in the Studio and something comfy to move in

Music: Chilled, relaxing and reflective

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  • Studio 3

    06.00 - 07.00


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