At Mingara One Fitness the promise is to change not only your body but your mind too. Studio 3 is dedicated to all things mind and body and brings meditation classes to the Central Coast.

We’ve asked Zeke who runs One Meditation at Mingara One Fitness his thoughts on all things meditation. We wanted to know what being meditative means and find out what to expect in your first meditation class. We also asked him for his tips on how to practice meditation and learn to relax at home.

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply a state of being, a state of acceptance of everything just as it is – rather than as you would wish it to be. It gives you the chance to just be still, be happy and create a strong mind.

Where does meditation come from?

Meditation is at the core of your true nature. To answer ‘where did meditation come from’ is as controversial as asking where did life begin. It is in your true nature to be at peace with what is, and it is the role of the instructor in One Meditation to coach and guide you to finding your meditative state.

Are their different forms of meditation?

For sure! You can meditate on ideas, chants, texts, images, imaginations, your breath, sensations in the body and numerous other ‘things’. The challenge of meditation is to observe with the mind of a newborn child without the need to give everything a label.

I’m already relaxed, should I do meditation?

Anyone and everyone should do the One Meditation class, and according to Zeke, we should all ‘be’ meditative. Everyone can be meditative, and the benefits of meditation are different for everyone.

Being meditative allows you to live your life in a more harmonious manner. This comes as you learn to understand that the flow of life is not against you but is always working with you.
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Does meditation make me healthy?

A healthy mind is all part of finding a healthy balance in this crazy, hectic, time poor world. Practising meditation can work towards lowering stress levels, allowing your mind to be calm, a relaxed heart rate, more self-control, emotional stability and many other benefits.

Zeke’s tips on learning to meditate

1) Relinquish all ideas of doing and simply be present with what is.
2) Notice the restlessness of the mind as it tries to label this and that. Let the labels go.
3) With guidance, train your consciousness to notice how there is a natural peace underneath all of the brain’s ongoing mindless chatter.

Zeke’s tips explained for people new to meditation!

1) Don’t get caught up in the act of doing – simply make the most of the present moment.
2) Stop over thinking, assessing and analysing. Allow your brain to rest and be quiet.
3) Come to One Meditation and learn to find the silence underneath all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Tips for your first meditation

If you walk into a One Mediation class, you have already entered a room with the willingness to come in with an open mind. Like in every class, everyone will learn differently. Everyone’s form of being meditative will be different.

Why do I have to come to a class to meditate?

When it comes to meditation, group energy is a very real thing. If you are struggling to achieve something on your own, it becomes simpler and more attainable with the help of others.

Can I meditate at home?

Of course, you can. Take a few One Meditation classes, listen and then learn. Head home, find yourself some space and practice your meditation so you can relax at home.

What is One Meditation?

This 30-minute class encourages you to be at one. We want you to take a moment to train your brain to be peaceful so you can strengthen your mind to take on life’s challenges.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a towel and some water and an open mind.

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