Navigating the world of which gym to join and why is a difficult decision. All you want is to compare apples to apples in the gym membership world.

Can you imagine a gym membership that includes over 170 classes to choose from each week, five fitness studios, plus weights, plus cardio equipment, plus a solid support crew and a team of enthusiastic trainers, access to a full aquatics facility, childcare, ample parking and much more? We don’t think it’s too much to ask for, because that’s exactly what we offer.

Check out who we are here!

Commit to a gym membership with Mingara One Fitness and you are not just comparing apples to apples – we bring the whole orchard!
Mingara One Fitness is the best gym on the Central Coast. It is a community (or tribe, as we call it) like no other. No matter your age or ability everyone is welcome at Mingara One Fitness.

That one thing, to feel alive.

How do we do this? We eat healty, move a lot and sleep well!

Our tribe loves to feel alive, and we want you to feel it too. Our gym membership is for anyone who loves our coastal lifestyle and loves getting involved in a bunch of sweaty fun. We understand that exercise is not everyone’s favourite activity, so at Mingara One Fitness we believe in finding that one thing, that one feeling that makes you want to join a gym and to stick to it. What sets us apart? What’s our difference? We encourage balance – for us that one thing is feeling alive and we do that through eating healthy, sleeping well and moving a lot.

Our crew – support and trainers.

Do one more! Lift one more! Do you love a drill sergeant to keep you motivated and working hard or do love an enthusiastic trainer to get you excited to jump out of bed in the morning? What about a training mentor who will guide you on a mind and body wellness journey? No matter what type of trainer you need to maximise your time and efforts in the gym, we have the trainer for you. The Mingara One Fitness trainers know how to make you feel alive, and they will ignite your love of fitness. All trainers are fully accredited and one of a kind. They are genuine and will work with you to change your mind and your body.

Meet Alex.

Alex is one of a kind with a million dollar smile. Don’t let the smile fool you. Her spirit, enthusiasm and enjoyment of exercise are infectious. Before you know it, she will have you doing 20 burpees when you never thought you could even do one!

Meet Sarah.

Sarah’s passion for life is obvious in the spirit of community she creates at Mingara One Fitness. Her energetic coaching will leave you feeling empowered and confident, as you tick those fitness goals off one by one!

Meet Brad.

Every day, Brad brings his love for family, fitness and fun to Mingara One Fitness. Brad has a valuable skill in his ability to make you laugh when you are working your hardest. If you struggle to find the fun in your workout or even find room for your gym membership in your lifestyle, Brad can bring you the balance you need.

Don’t know what your goals are yet?

Get started with the crew!

It is not just our trainers that make a gym membership with Mingara One Fitness worth every cent, it is our support crew too.

No more aimless wandering into the gym, no more lack of direction, lack of support and motivation. From the moment you enquire with Mingara One Fitness, our comprehensive welcome sets you on the right path to reach your training and fitness goals (and it includes a snazzy welcome pack and an essential sweat towel!).

Take the first step. Your journey through your gym membership at Mingara One Fitness includes:

Step 1: Face the numbers – speak the truth.

Don’t be afraid of being taken into the little room! A baseline health and fitness assessment will get you on the right track. Sit down and openly discuss your goals, targets and motivations for taking steps to improve your health and fitness. Don’t miss the gym induction – there is nothing worse than first day nerves! Don’t forget – Mingara One Fitness is for everyone!

Step 2: Ok, you’ve thought about it – let’s make it work.

You and your trainer will take some time and design a tailored fitness approach – just for you! Mix up your cardio with some weights, reconnect in Studio 3 with some hot yoga, feel the motivation of a Studio 1 group fitness class or even step out of your comfort zone and try something new in Studio H20.
Don’t forget to ask the questions… know all those ones you are too afraid, embarrassed or unsure to ask. Ask the crew anything!

Step 3: Check-in!

Every four to six weeks, book a spot and check back in with your trainer. What’s working, what’s not, mix it up – stay fresh. Continue to focus on you and make your workouts and your gym membership work for you!

What we’ve got!

Gone are the days of a class in the morning and a class in the afternoon. This gym membership gives you access to over 170 group fitness classes, many unique to Mingara One Fitness – five different studios, cardio, weights, aquatics, childcare, wellness precinct and so much more.

Where should you start?

With over 170 fitness classes, each studio has been designed to give a specific fitness experience.

Studio 1

If working in a group setting encourages and lifts you to be your best, then Studio 1 is the right environment for you. Classes include much-loved Les Mills classics: Body Pump, Body Attack and Mingara One Fitness, One Barbell and One Dance classes.

Studio 2

Sprint, cycle, climb mountains and lead the pack. Studio 2 offers 30 Keiser bikes to keep your gears moving and your wheels turning. Check out One Cycle that will have you on the bike, out of your seat, off your bike and lifting weights. Phew!

Studio 3

Find the complete mind and body experience in Studio 3. Hot Yoga, One Yoga, Meditation, Broga, One Barre and more. All this is included in your gym membership. No additional dollars required for any of these amazing classes in this brand new purpose-built mind and body studio. Your haven of tranquillity, calm and serenity…oh but they still make you work – and hard!

Studio 4

Functional fitness. Everyday movements, weights and motivation in our purpose-built functional fitness studio. Challenge your PB, do AMRAP and watch out for the WOD. It will be significantly spicy every day! It is empowering, exciting and strong. Thrive in the atmosphere that celebrates personal and team wins and applauds every victory. Studio 4 never stops encouraging you to go one better, do one more, lift one heavier.

Studio H20

Let your gym membership take you to the water in Mingara Aquatics. It doesn’t matter whether you are training for an event, just love laps or want to mix your training up with some group fitness in the water. In Studio H2O, the water brings the resistance to the equation and is an ideal low impact and effective workout for the total body. Don’t miss your chance to take a lap in the rapids as you LOL at you and your crew floating in the fast water!


106 state of the art Life Fitness Cardio Machines takes pride of place on level one. Combine this equipment with the encouragement and education from our trainers on the gym floor and you have a workout like no other. Trainers are always on the gym floor, to help you maximise the benefits of your gym membership. In a training rut? Just ask a trainer for some inspiration. Never tried a machine before? Our crew and our tribe are only too happy to take you through what you need to get started, be safe and maximise your workout on the Cardio floor. Unsure about your technique? Check in with the crew to ask for their advice on how to refine your style.

Hit the floor…the weights floor.

Keiser, pin-loaded and free weights bring the strength and power to any workout. Be the strong one and hit up our weights floor. Don’t be shy! Gone are the days of the heavy lifting brutes on the weights room floor – you find just as many gals as guys lifting, squatting, pressing and powering through workouts on their way to finding that one thing. Don’t know where to start, what to lift, how to lift or even how many? Check-in with our crew!

Member events

Member events are about bringing our tribe together. Whether it be an education session on healthy eating, protein supplements, stress management or even styling events. We also love some healthy competition with in-house events and participation in local community activities, like the Central Coast Half Marathon, fun times at ObstaSplash and more.


Our gym memberships bring you the most up to date fitness classes, techniques and experiences, from Broga to meditation, One Float and more.

Need a bit of a nudge?

Training for a specific event or wanting to take your training to the next level? The personal trainers at Mingara One Fitness will get you to work your bootie with their cheeky, encouraging and motivating spirits. Don’t miss a chance to add some personal training into your fitness mix. Be kept on your toes and working to your goals.

But what will I do with the kids?

You may have 99 reasons to delay joining a gym, but the kids are not one! Finding time for you to feel alive with kids underfoot is not always easy – our gym membership allows you access to join The Playhouse at Mingara Recreation Club – the perfect spot for entertaining the kids while you work out and sneak in a coffee with your new gym tribe afterwards.

Mmmmm Coffee…

Did someone say coffee? Feeling alive is not all about exercise – it is all about balance. The Wellness Café serves up coffee made with love in a great spot for you to catch up with friends or even make new friends after class. Our crew are happy to stick around after class and catch up with the tribe over coffee – we even have members who come more for the coffee than the classes! It helps that the Wellness Café is next door and as a gym member you have access to Mingara Recreation Club, The Roasted Berry and Indigo – Eats, Treats & Bar.

I don’t want to waste time looking for parking!

It might sound boring, but ample parking can be very sexy when looking for a gym membership! There’s nothing worse than being tight for time, struggling to find a parking spot then missing the first five minutes of class. Mingara One Fitness has ample FREE parking! Make the most of it!

Added perks of the Wellness Precinct

Finding time for you? We have packaged up all your favourites in one handy location to make the most of feeling alive. Treat yourself to fresh hair at Sapphire Hair and beauty treatments with Diamond Beauty – you deserve it! Take care of any niggling injuries, aches and pains with 6s Health (physio, chiro, acupuncture and more). You will always find that one more excuse you need to stick around at the Wellness Precinct a little longer after your class or workout!


Don’t miss out on joining the Central Coasts best gym today.