Ballet tights…check. Tutu…check. Pointe shoes…check. You’re all set for your first barre class, right? Wrong! Don’t let the barre fool you. No ballet experience or leotard is required. barre class is for everyone no matter your age, gender or ability!

What is One Barre?

A barre workout like no other, One Barre is a 60-minute fusion of pilates, ballet and overall fitness. The concept of barre has humble beginnings in the world of ballet but has evolved into a high-intensity class with flowing sequences of movements.

Get ready for leg shaking and sweat making (people are surprised by how shaky their legs get and by how sweaty they get without running around and lifting weights)


I have never done ballet.

You love fitness and trying new things? Perfect. You’re all set for your first barre class.

Here is your extensive ballet tutorial to fake it till you make it in One Barre.

The barre: A timber rail that is fixed to the floor to ceiling mirrors.
Position one: Start with your heels slightly together and feet turned out. You should feel the sole of your foot and toes in contact with the floor. You should feel balanced!
Position two: You have mastered Position 1, now slide one of your feet away from the other. Spread them out about one and a half foot lengths.
Plie: From either position one or two bend the knees and then straighten. Think straight back – just as though you are sliding down a wall.
Please also erase any thoughts of delicately placing one leg onto the barre and gracefully stretching your body over. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.

It is One Barre class, people, NOT ballet!

What should one wear to their first barre class?

Shorts, tights, sports tops, t-shirts – really whatever you can move freely in and feel comfortable exercising in. Be prepared for an unexpected sweat! The movements will have you heating up quickly and hurting in places you never knew you had!

Don’t forget your towel for any sweaty palms and faces and definitely pack your water bottle.

Excitingly – barre workouts do not require footwear! In fact, until you decide you are going to become a regular One Barre class member you can just go barefoot. As you progress, you may find bare feet a little slippery on the timber floor and decide to invest a few dollars into grip socks.

A quick Google search will find you loads of retailers – here is one we prepared earlier!

Help! What are the ball and the band for?

At Mingara One Fitness we supply the three ‘B’s, the barre, the ball, the band – and a brilliant instructor to guide you through the class. Meet Jacinta who will give you all the assistance, explanations and demonstrations you need. The barre brings you stability while the ball and band add to the degree of difficulty for the routine, adding resistance and activating muscles the whole class through. The band is simple to set up on the barre and the ball is…a ball (no set up required). It may be difficult to resist the temptation to throw the ball at your friends – but please try to show some restraint!

Close up image of the timber barre against the mirrors


Guys at the bar…I mean barre.

A barre workout is low impact and low resistance, and anybody can give it a go. Yes gents – even you! You don’t need to know how to dance. You just need to love a great leg workout, love trying something new and love being surrounded by a class full of great people who at the end of class will walk out with jelly legs and LOVE IT!

No classical music please!

To be technical, the tunes in a barre workout will work to a 128 beat. What that means for you is up-tempo popular tunes. There will be no piano in the corner belting out classical masterpieces! It is not ballet – got it?

Jelly legs are guaranteed!

What will hurt the day after? One Barre focuses on the legs, glutes, hamstrings and thighs and it is amazing for your abs. The upper body doesn’t miss out either when you add body weight movements and resistance from the bands and ball.

Where can I do a barre workout?

Mingara One Fitness is the first gym to offer One Barre classes on the Central Coast. Mix up your gym workouts, keep your body guessing and the legs burning.

Classes are available:

Monday:         8.30 – 9.30 | 18.30 – 19.30
Tuesday:        7.00 – 8.00 | 16.30 – 17.30
Wednesday:  10.30 -11.30
Thursday:      16.30 – 17.30
Saturday:        8.30 – 9.30
Classes are generally smaller than your average group fitness class, as space at the barre is limited. The sign-up sheet for One Barre classes opens 30 minutes before each class at the Mingara One Fitness reception desk.
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