What is One Beats? one Beats is a freestyle cycle class that uses music to create the best and most enjoyable workout you can have. You will find it in Studio 2, our state of the art cycle studio with 30 Kaiser bikes and a pumping sound system to get you moving.

Be moved

Let’s ride. Let’s sweat. Let’s enjoy the best beats.
On the back of the success of One Cycle comes One Beats. A freestyle cycle class to rock your world.
Sprint, climb, lift, squat and party all to music to enjoy the best experience Mingara One Fitness has to offer in Studio 2.
A women on a bike in a cycle class.

So, what’s the difference with One Beats and One Cycle?

The music and the format.

One Cycle is a freestyle class that is based more on the workout and the opportunity to offer something different to traditional RPM or Group Ride. Music is a major contributor to One Cycle but its focus was on a creating a personal training or circuit style cycle class. One Cycle also revolves around a certain format.

One Beats is a class based solely on the style and theme of the playlist for the class. The music dictates the class. Along with this, the class has no structure. You’ll never know what to expect from class to class.

Think Lip Sync Battle on bikes.

Themes you say?

Yes, music is our winner here. The class will take on a theme, that theme can look like anything based on the instructor.
Different themes can look like:

  • One artist for the whole class
  • An artist/band vs. artist/band
  • Soundtracks
  • Male lead singers vs. Female lead singers

Meet our Superstar Instructors

NicoleBrad, Matt & Phil who will set the soundtrack and workout of each class.

How long for?

One Beats will be a feature class at Mingara One Fitness.

Find a class

Check out the timetable here to find all the Studio 2 class times and over 140 other group fitness classes in five studios.

New to Class

Not a problem. This class is tailored for all that love to ride and enjoy music.
If you are new to class be sure to be there around 10 mins early to get set up and be ready to go.
Even make yourself known to the instructor if it’s your first time.
Check out how to set up your bike properly in this clip.

Find a class

Check out the Mingara One Fitness timetable here to find all the One Beats times and over 140 other group fitness classes in five studios.