Every so often wouldn’t it be great to get a really good picture of what is happening inside your body? How great would it be to really understand what shape and condition your body is in and to use the results to target your training, diet and lifestyle or simply provide such much-needed motivation and some achievable goals.

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

When you think about your overall health are you thinking?

  •  Am I getting the most out of my training program?
  • Have I gained or lost muscle?
  • Am I eating enough and consuming the ideal number of calories?
  • How much energy do I burn?
  • What shape is my health in?
  • What is an ideal healthy weight for me?
  • Why has my weight not changed but my body shape has?

Have you answered yes to any of these then …

A body scan is for you!

What’s a body scan? Central Coast’s leading body composition clinic, Riverside Body Scan uses the latest cutting edge technology called DEXA to provide you with the most accurate picture of what is going on inside your body. Getting a body scan involves a 10 minute non-invasive DEXA scan which breaks the body up into three main components – bone, body fat and lean muscle mass. You will walk out with a detailed report and assessment of your body including your;

  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle mass percentage
  • Total bone density i.e. how strong your bones are
  • Visceral fat – how much hidden dangerous fat a person has around their organs
  • Body fat distribution and health disease risk
  • Resting metabolic rate i.e. how many calories your body
How much is a body scan?

Until August 3, Riverside Body Scan is offering a special discount on their scans for Mingara One Fitness Members

OPTION ONE: One body scan for $72 (Usually $89, save $17)

OPTION TWO: Two pre-paid body scans for $130 (Usually $178, save $48)

This one time offer is only valid from until 3rd August to the first 100 members who ring and book in.

Book your scan

Bookings are filling fast so to secure your spot call Riverside Body Scan on 43239200 or book online www.rbscan.com.au
Please note in order to be eligible for a scan you must be 18yrs of age or older and not pregnant.
To find out more about Riverside Body scans head over to www.rbscan.com.au or follow them on Facebook here

Check-in with the Mingara One Fitness team

Did you know that Mingara One Fitness memberships include a regular check-in with one of our great personal trainers? Once you have your body scan, book in a check-in with one of the trainers and they can work with you to set some new goals. Need some help to set goals – check out our blog here. Then we can work with you to make sure your training plan is working to meet those goals! See our trainers here.