One Float is now on the Central Coast, you asked for it …so here it is! One Float is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class now at Mingara One Fitness. Get involved in the fun and fitness of taking your workout to the water. One Float is a fun, low-impact, full body workout that incorporates a variety of exercises and… it’s all on water! Burpee, lunge, squat, plank, salute the sun and more on the inflatable platform. If you’re looking for your next fitness challenge, then One Float at Mingara One Fitness is for you.
Check out the video and see it for yourself!

Warning! You will get wet.

The first rule of One Float – you will get wet!

You might think you have a solid core – great balance and that no way will your hair get wet! Guess again – you will get wet. You will be on the platform, off the platform, rolling off and climbing back on, not to mention falling off! You do not win at One Float by having the driest clothes and hair at the end of the 30-minute class. You win at One Float by getting a full body workout and having loads of fun all at the same time!

The second rule of One Float – own your fall!

You. Will. Fall. Own it! If you feel yourself fall, embrace it and roll with it. It is only water – you will only get wet! Try something new – take the challenge – fall off, get wet and get back on again!
Image of One Float class jumping in the pool

What type of workout is it?

One Float is a HIIT full body workout that focuses on building strength, balance and stability whilst boosting your heart rate. Expect V- Sits, push ups, mountain climbers, planks and even yoga poses in this HIIT One Float class designed by Mingara One Fitness trainers for our members.
The concept is taking over pools all across Europe and the United Kingdom in health clubs, yoga retreats and even five-star hotel pools. Mingara One Fitness is the first place in Australia to use the platforms as a part of the One Float class.

What part of the body does One Float target?

One Float targets all major muscle groups and keeps your heart rate elevated. The biggest benefit is to the midline – those deep, inner core muscles. One Float movements like sit-ups and leg raises will feel different to how they do on land, guaranteed to leave your stomach burning. The One Float platform is supportive on the lower back – so no excuses. One Float will challenge your body, keep things fresh and lead to great results. Expect a full body workout, working with compound movements to challenge all the large muscle groups as well as all those little ones you had forgotten about.
Image of class doing leg raises on One Float platform

How long is a class?

One Float is 30 minutes of core fun…get it?…core fun! You will be concentrating so hard on your balance, posture, strength and stability that the 30 minutes will be the quickest of your day!

I stand-up paddle – will that help me?

Yes. For sure. The technique to paddle boarding involves many of the same core movements. However, you probably won’t have thrown a ball around on the paddleboard, downward dogged, planked or even lunged on your SUP. It is a whole other level. One Float will also improve your SUP skills (assuming you have some), for sure.

How hard is One Float?

If you come to a class, willing to have some, fun, try a new challenge and get wet then One Float is not hard. You are supposed to get wet. Refer to Rule 1: You will fall off (and Rule 2: Own Your Fall).
It will be tiring, as you activate muscles you have never used before and use brain power to get your body to work for you on a whole new level. We all take balance, posture and positioning for granted on dry ground… terra firma… mother earth. Take it to the water and you are quickly reminded to not take anything for granted!
Like any class at Mingara One Fitness, the class will be tailored to suit all levels, no matter your age or ability. Mingara One Fitness is for everyone and our classes are the same. Beginners to expert level will all have options and will have challenges. Every class.

Do I need to be a good swimmer to try One Float?

You will get wet! It is necessary to have a degree of water safety and water confidence. You will not be required to swim laps in the pool. Most of the class is on top of the platform, however there are times you will be required to exercise whilst in the water. You will need to be competent in the water, confident falling off and having water on your face as a participant in the class. Your safety is paramount.

What do I wear for One Float?

Wear swimmers, boardshorts, rashies, tights and t-shirts. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Wear your usual gym gear if you like. No socks or shoes are needed. No goggles or swim hats. The surface of the platform is quite grippy.
Image of class standing on One Float platform.

What do I need to bring?

A good attitude, a belly full of laughs and a towel. Water if required. Oh…and a change of clothes…you will be wet. Your instructor will supply all the equipment required for the class.

Who will instruct One Float?

Mingara One Fitness trainers Bianca, Ryan, Liam, Matt , Zeke, Jacinta , Heather, Ben and Alex are all on pool deck to lead this 30 minutes of walking on water – each will bring their own flare and flavour to the workouts. All are guaranteed to make you laugh, make you work and try something new at each and every class.
Bianca brings loads of Aqua experience to the pool deck, Matt will have you drill trained and ready, Ryan’s enthusiasm is infectious and Jacinta and Zeke’s passion for yoga will test your balance like never before. Heather is a master on a stand-up paddle board and brings her technique and skills to the platforms. Liam and Ben will bring their love of body weight exercises to the pool for an unmissable workout.

How does the platform stay in the water?

The instructor will set the platform up across 2 lanes of the 50m pool at Mingara Aquatics . It is tethered to the special lane ropes via hooks. However, they do stay connected to the rope but do not be surprised if your platform starts moving to the left or right. You are still safe and working correctly!

How do I get onto the platform?

Firstly, hop in the water and swim or walk out to your platform. There is no ‘best’ spot. Once you are up you will be making plenty of water move around you and it will be equally bumpy wherever you are in the line. From here – when instructed, you will pull yourself up onto the mat. Think of it as pulling yourself up out of the pool from the side wall. For some it won’t be pretty for the first few attempts – but you will get stronger and more confident and it will get better.
Image of people in pool waiting to get on platform

Top 4 Tips to get started

1. As much as you think you will know how it feels to exercise on water – you don’t! One Float is a whole new full body workout experience.
2. Shoulders back, knees slightly bent and look forward… you know the old saying… don’t look down!
3. Do not .. repeat, do not look at the person next to you as you are guaranteed to a) dissolve into a fit of giggles and b) fall off, leading to c) get wet
4. Smile – working your core, glutes and quads is fun!

How do I sign up for the class?

The class will have 14 platforms available. For the One Float feature class, the class list will open at the Mingara Aquatics reception 30 minutes before class time. You must be there, in person, prepared to get wet, to sign up. You will then receive a ticket that you hand to your instructor.

I’m not a MOF member can I still come to One Float?

Yes you can! Fitness Passport, Caretrak and casual members are all welcome. Find out more about casual visits and passes here.

Can we count you in?

The Mingara One Fitness members asked for this and the time has come. Stand up, get wet and try this one-of-a kind class now.

View more information on One Float here or keep in the loop with Mingara One Fitness full group fitness timetable here.
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