Lord of the Ring, who will be the Lord of The Rings? Partner up for this Summer Sizzler challenge and work towards the top results below.


  • There is an eight minute cap on this workout.
  • Teams will perform four rounds of:
  • 200m Run followed by,
  • 8 x Box Jump Overs.

Max effort

  • In any remaining time;
  • Max Effort Toes To Rings or Hang Knee Raises.
  • Scoring: T2R = 5 points Hang Knee Raises = 1 point.

Who does what?

  • Each Person is to complete two rounds each.
  • Teams may decide how they want to split the rounds.
  • Toes To Rings & Hang Knee Raises can be done by any team member, in any order they wish.
  • Each T2R will be 5 points and each Hang Knee Raise will be worth 1 point.

Score to beat

  • Top female score:(326)
  • Top male score:(476
  • Top mixed score:(346)