Rushing to work after the gym or simply heading out for the day or night? Mum and trainer Nicole Hunter shares her go-to makeup routine for gym proof makeup. It is not al about expensive products either! No excuses to miss a gym session – you can always sneak in a cheeky gym session with Nic’s makeup tips.

1. No primer

That’s right people NO primer. For the base, Nic uses Napolean – Stroke of Genius. Don’t forget the eyelids (see the video for why!) and that it is all about the dab for foundation…kids these days are doing the dab but NIc has been doing it for years! Blend through the jawline

2. Product of choice

Maybelline Shine Free loose powder. Apply plenty – dab to apply, almost as though you are polishing it into your pores. Why does Nic love it? When she sweats it soaks up the moisture.  Nic finds that she always achieves a better finish with loose face powder.

3. Simple little strokes

For the eye pencil check out one by MAC, apply with simple little strokes.

4. Get Savvy from Priceline

Pressed face powder. Use for your eyelids and underneath your eyes – it helps to stop eyeliner and mascara from transferring onto your eyelids.

5. It does not move!

Mac Prolong Wear eyeliner.

6. Thin Lizzy eyeliner

Nic uses this product as it is perfect for inside the eyes

7. Look awake and alert

Even at those 5 am classes! Use an eyelash curler. It helps to open up your eyes and helps you look alert and awake.

8. Mascara –  3 coats

Maybelline Waterproof Volume Express Falsies is Nic’s go-to product. Note – you will need oil/cleanser to remove.

9. Add a bit more colour

For Bronzer, Nic invested in a Napoleon palette and applies it to her face almost in a big giant 3 shape (see video!)

10.The great illusion

Mac Blush  – Nic’s little secret so you never know what gears on the bike she is on – I look like I’m working hard …

11. Revlon Colourstay lip stain

According to Nic this product is slightly drying, so be sure to apply a lip gloss over the top regularly throughout the day.

And there you have it – a sweat proof, life proof makeup tutorial to take you from the gym to work to dinner out. As always don’t hesitate to ask Nic for more hints tips and advice.

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