My name is Bec and I’ve been with Mingara One Fitness since 2017. I made the switch from corporate life to the fitness industry and I’ve never looked back.

Fitness Philosophy

I’m a strong believer that fitness should be an enjoyable experience and never a chore. If you do something you love to do, then naturally you’ll reap the benefits and achieve those goals. If you love to run, then run! If you love lifting weights, lift weights! If you love doing yoga, then do yoga! You’re already on the right path if you just start to move.

One of my favourite ways to move is through the art of karate. I’ve been doing it for most of my life and it will forever be a way of life for me. In the gym, I love strength training. Bench press, deadlifts and squats are always a favourite.

What makes life great for me :

What makes life great for me is coming into an environment every day that is so positive, friendly and warm. I always enjoy a chat so come and say hi!