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All about Cheyne

I’ve worked as an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer at Mingara One Fitness for over 10 years now and absolutely love both what I do and who I work with. I love to help people and the variety of people that we get to help at Mingara One makes my job exciting, interesting and rewarding.

On any given day I might be guiding a 35-year-old Mum through a beginners resistance program to help her tone up, or pushing her through a one on one boxing session to help her burn fat and improve endurance.

Next up I might be pushing a 23 year old footballer through a hypertrophy session on his “chest day”, to help increase his size, strength and power.

I could be helping a 70-year-old rehabilitate from a knee replacement or back injury by doing appropriate exercises for their stage of recovery to improve their stability, strength and flexibility around the injured joint(s).

And after all of this I could be running a One Blast class where i can help a range of people (with various fitness levels) to push beyond their own limits!

Probably the most rewarding sessions I have with members is when someone walks into the gym brand new, nervous or anxious about what’s to come, but walks out smiling, feeling confident, comfortable and excited to come back!

But if I had to say one thing that stands out; it’s the friendships that come with working in my role at Mingara One Fitness (with both staff and members) that I love most about my job.

When I’m not at work

Outside of work some of my passions include Surfing, Footy (league), Oztag, family, friends, writing, camping and dancing (badly) to rock, metal or any good music really. I consider myself a positive, happy and fun bloke who loves life. Like many people in this crazy modern world, I cram in a fair bit and juggle everything to the best of my ability, but always try and do it with a smile.

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