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All about Cheyne

I have been a personal trainer at Mingara One Fitness for over 13 years and I love what I do, who I work alongside and the variety of members we help. Outside of work I love Oztag, surfing, swimming, supporting my favourite footy teams and hanging with family and friends. I have been known to dance and / or sing badly to all sorts of music too!

I love teaching boxing (both one on one and in classes) as it is such a high energy, calorie burning and FUN class. I regularly take the 7:30pm boxing class on a Tuesday night and it is great because people who come at that time of night really want to be here and push themselves (no matter their fitness level). I also love personal training and helping individuals and small groups achieve their goals. And I really enjoy helping new and old members with constructing individualised programs and breaking down their goals to make them realistic and achievable. I also teach a few classes in studio 4 and am inspired by the intensity that people in that room work at!

When I’m not at work

Outside of work some of my passions include Surfing, Footy (league), Oztag, family, friends, writing, camping and dancing (badly) to rock, metal or any good music really. I consider myself a positive, happy and fun bloke who loves life. Like many people in this crazy modern world, I cram in a fair bit and juggle everything to the best of my ability, but always try and do it with a smile.

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