Fitness Philosophy:

Find the kind of training that makes you happiest and stick with it! I find it easier to exercise and find the motivation to keep it up when I love what I’m doing. Training for longevity over short-term results, so that I live a longer and happier life doing what I love.

Fun Fact:

I’m currently studying a Bachelor’s in Psychological Science, but my major is in criminology and forensics. So anything to do with true crime, whether it be podcasts, books, movies or the latest Netflix documentary, I’m all over it!!

I also did work experience in Mingara One Fitness at 15 years old, and fell in love with the work culture and the people in this place and decided that as soon as I finished school I would try and get a job here! Four years later I started here and have never looked back since!

What makes life great for me:

Doing the things that I love and that make me happiest each day! I’m a social butterfly, so catching up with friends for coffee or dinner, going on walks or just hanging out with them makes me super happy. I also love to travel – overseas adventures, domestic road-trips or just a sneaky weekend getaway – seeing different things, speaking to different people and trying all kinds of foods and cultures.

Training also makes me happiest in my everyday life. I love olympic style weightlifting, so grabbing a barbell, loading up some plates and doing a complex or a metcon and getting sweaty puts me in a better mindset to deal with the stresses of uni workload.