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All about Nicole

I have been in the industry for 12 years. I started off as a member of Mingara One, started my training as a Group Fitness Instructor at Mingara One then onto Personal Training and have never looked back. Sweating is sexy!

I am passionate about lifting. Every.Single.Person can benefit from lifting weights to increase strength, fitness and to boost their metabolism.

My babies make me feel alive. Being a fun and active mum is my biggest goal and achievement in life. Before kids I used to workout to look and feel great but nowadays I do Bike classes so I can run around after them, do Yoga so I can get on the floor and roll around with them, do pump so I can throw them in the air when they run into my arms and lift heavy so I have the confidence to play on the beach with them and not second guess what I look like in swimmers because nobody has time to cover up and my kids deserve to have my full attention.

Fun fact… I have been a cycle instructor for 12 years and I have only recently learnt to ride an actual bike. I decided I wanted the full Central Park experience on a trip to New York so I hired a bike with my partner and learnt to ride there!

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