I have been in the industry for 16 years. I started off as a member of Mingara One and started my training as a Group Fitness Instructor at Mingara One then onto Personal Training and have never looked back.

I am passionate about lifting. Every. Single. Person can benefit from lifting weights to increase strength, fitness and to boost their metabolism.

My kids make me feel alive. Being a fun and active mum is my biggest goal and achievement in life. Before kids I used to workout to look and feel great but nowadays I do bike classes so I can run around after them, do pump so I can get on the floor and roll around with them, do strength training so I can throw them in the air when they run into my arms and lift heavy so I have the confidence to play on the beach with them and not second guess what I look like in swimmers because nobody has time to cover up and my kids deserve to have my full attention.

Fun fact… I have been a cycle instructor for 16 years and I have only recently learnt to ride an actual bike. I decided I wanted the full Central Park experience on a trip to New York so I hired a bike with my partner and learnt to ride there!



From 14-24 April, the cardio and strength equipment on level one will be taking a break as we transform this space for your workout experience. During this period, we will continue to offer our great classes. We will also provide additional cycle classes along with hourly Mingara Loop walk and talk classes to help keep your heart rate up! 


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