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I heard the term ‘Do something you love doing and never work a day in your life’ and it struck something in me! I’m passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and motivating others to do the same! I am passionate about living a healthy, happy & energised life and I want to empower people to live that way too! I love sharing positive vibes and inspiring others.

Being a mum of two very active boys is my greatest accomplishment. I love that they see me focus on health and happiness each day. We lead a very balanced lifestyle with loads of adventures and FUN. Our favourite things to do are walking or riding bikes along the lake, going to the beach, exploring the Central Coast and eating yummy food.

I’m a Fitness instructor specialising in Grom Fit. I want to create a place where kids can have fun while gaining the benefits of exercise. Getting kids in our local community to feel fit, happy, healthy and confident is truly important to me. Igniting a love for movement and active living is an incredible gift towards the future of our community.


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Diploma in Children’s Services

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