Get a gym membership they said …it will be easy they said…all you have to do is walk in there. For some, the thought of heading to the gym or even starting at a new gym is exciting stuff. What type of classes will they have, any cool equipment, yes – I can buy a new gym outfit.

For others, taking that first step to fitness is terrifying, daunting and often well out of their comfort zones. New people, new environment, new skills to learn and the toughest…new personal challenges. The team at Mingara One Fitness are pretty familiar with both scenarios.

Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (don’t let that scare you…keep reading), Brad Haddad has put together a little guide about how he can help you make that first step to fitness an easy one.

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Brad knows…

In my experience, one of the hardest things to do is introduce fitness and a gym into someone’s lifestyle. That first step I have always regarded as the hardest step, and it certainly is.

Take your first step to fitness – it’s easy!

Over the course of my experience in Personal Training and with many different people I have been trying to combat this ‘hard step’ notion. It’s already hard, and to an extent frightening, for a person that lacks good health and may struggle with their self-confidence, to walk through the Mingara One Fitness doors. The worst thing we could, as a fitness guide, trainer, professional, counsellor or whatever you want to call us, is to make the experience worse by adding too much to your plate.

I’ll sit and listen

When I meet with a new member or someone restarting their training journey I always just make sure that I listen. The more information I can get from, the more I can understand them and guide them to their fitness future.

It’s not all about the number

As you may know, fitness and weight loss make up a mere percentage of why people come to us, here at Mingara One Fitness. We are here to help you find that ONE thing, we want you to feel alive. We know that our minds play a big part in our general well-being. The top culprits that can affect our mental health are social problems, emotional stress or work and family issues. When we leave these unchecked, when we can’t find a positive outlet for this then this negativity often manifests into physical problems, i.e. eating disorders, weight gain, lack of motivation, confidence, sense of self-worth and generally poor health and fitness.

Just being here is enough

The best thing I feel I can do is to make the member as comfortable as possible for just being here with us. Its not a question of what you do in these early stages but the appreciation and acknowledgement that just being here is enough. Overcoming that hardest step.

Where to start?

Depending on each individual, I suggest the easiest of things to do. Walk on the treadmill. Sit on a bike. Hell, stand in the foyer for an hour if you must (we have fantastic staff who will be more than happy to hang out and chat). Just be here. By being here you get used to the gym, meeting people, seeing smiling faces, people catching up over coffee after their workout and just simply making this a part of your daily lifestyle. It is a choice you will make.

The more you journey through this period, the more relaxed and confident you’ll feel. Then you can concentrate on moving and advancing with a more rigorous training schedule.

Just be you

Don’t let trends and false and misrepresented fads mislead you. You don’t have to be fit before you join the gym. Just be you. Don’t let your fears stop you from being the best person you can be.

Make this journey as easy as you can. And you can.

No matter your age or ability.

Mingara One Fitness is all about feeling alive. Finding that one thing that makes you tick. No matter your age or ability we want you to take that first step. Want to learn more about us – or check out some class videos to find out what to expect?
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