Direct Debit Memberships

After the minimum membership period, the member’s account will continue to be charged at the agreed rate, unless the member requests that Mingara One Fitness temporarily suspends, cancels or transfers the membership. Any such requests are subject to the Centre’s Cancellation Conditions.

General Conditions
  1. It is a condition of Mingara One Fitness membership that gym members aged over 13 must be, and remain, members of Mingara Recreation Club Ltd.
  2. The parent/guardian of the junior member also needs to be a member of Mingara Recreation Club Ltd.
  3. Fortnightly membership rates may be changed with no less than 30 day’s notice.
  4. Membership is personal and must not be lent, sold, swapped or redeemed.
  5. Members must present their membership card for admittance to the Centre and may be refused admittance with a valid card.
  6. Mingara One reserves the right to cancel the membership that arises from this application and request the return of the membership card eg. Instances of inappropriate behaviour.
  7. The Centre may assign or transfer the benefit of the membership commitment or obligations under it, to any person, firm or company at any time.
  8. This is the entire agreement between the parties and no representation, promises, warranty and/or agreement not contained herein shall be of any force between the parties.
  9. Mingara One endeavours to provide an environment through the facilities of the gym, aquatics and group classes to enable people with a disability to exercise with choice and control in. the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports.
  10. When a junior member turns 18, the membership price will increase to the ‘Best One’ membership rate.
Facility Availability

Mingara One membership entitles members to use the Centre’s fitness facilities and services as they are made available within the Centre from time to time, shared in common with other users. The facilities, services and hours of availability are provided in accordance with the Centre’s applicable policies and procedures as amended from time to time at the discretion of the Centre. There may be special conditions imposed from time to time such as the need for advance bookings or the charging of additional fees for special arrangements or services. The availability of a particular facility or service at a particular time is also dependant on the level of usage by others.

Wanting to take a little break?

It is possible to request a time stop on your membership. Forms to request this are available from Mingara One Reception. All time stops must be applied for in advance. Requests are unable to be back-dated.

The following time stop periods apply per membership year:
  • Best One 1 week minimum, 6 weeks maximum (time stop period to be added at the end of the contract term)
  • Healthy One, Fun One 1 week minimum, 3 months at any one time maximum
  • Flexi – Best One 2 weeks for every 3 months