Each of our fitness studios have been designed to create a unique space for the ultimate fitness experience.

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Cardio Floor

Move a lot – it’s that one thing, that one feeling that makes us feel great! Get your arms and legs pumping, work up a sweat and your heart will be happy. Choose from treadmills, steppers, rowers, cross trainers, skiers and bikes.

We are always one step ahead with the latest gym equipment, including 106 state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardio machines. Floor to ceiling windows and louvered windows flood our cardio floor with natural light and air, so you feel like you’re exercising outdoors. And if all that air and light put some spring in your step, it only takes a conversation with one of our expert trainers to take your cardio workout up one more level.

Our Cardio floor features the latest high quality fitness technology from Life Fitness including:

  • Treadmill x 22
  • Powermill (step climber) x 4
  • Cross Trainer x 10
  • Recumbent Bikes x 3
  • Upright Bikes x 8
  • Spin Bikes x 32 (featured in Studio 2 – Cycle)

Feature pieces:

  • Rowers x 12
  • Ski Ergs x 4
  • Bike Ergs x 4
  • True Form Treadmills x 2
  • Assault Bikes x 2
  • Hydro Rider Bikes x 14 (Studio 5 – H2O)

Weights Floor

Our impressive weights floor has everything you need for strength and conditioning. With pin-loaded hammer strength and free weights, you can target, tone, strengthen and define as you challenge yourself to lift just one more! Strength equals stamina, health, balance, stability and confidence all rolled into one. Be the strong one!

When you’re working out on the Weights Floor, it’s always good to work out with a friend. Not only it is fun and encourages you…especially if you’re competitive, but it’s a safe way to train.  A friend spotting while you lift is a great way to slowly add to your weight stack, while you can also get feedback on your form and reps.

If you train on your own, our trainers are always happy to help if you need a spotter or a demonstration on how to improve your form.

Studio 1 – Group Fitness

Our spacious Group Fitness Studio is fitted with impact-absorbing flooring, natural light, great music to get you energised, air-conditioning and a giant fan to keep you cool and comfortable. You’ll be spoilt for choice in our Group Fitness Studio with the greatest range of fitness classes of any gym on the Central Coast. There over 170 classes every week. There’ll be one just for you!

Studio 2 – Cycle Studio

Jump on a bike, cycle and visualise the ride of your life, climbing mountains, coasting down hills and sprinting to the finish. RPM, Group Ride, Sprint and more. Add some energising beats and you’re on your way to a great workout.

Studio 3 – Mind Body Yoga

The one place to be centred, to calm yourself and find strength. There’s Yoga, including Hot Yoga, Barre, Meditation and Pilates. Our beautiful Mind Body and Yoga Studio….Ommmmm!

Studio 4 – Functional Fitness

It’s all about getting strong in Studio 4. Lifting, squatting, pushing and pulling. It’s challenging, exciting, empowering and strong! It’s belly laughs and proud tears that bring us together as one, encouraging each other to go one better.

Functional fitness involves everyday bodyweight movements. Intervals and variety. Strength and conditioning. This kind of training can make everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life.

Studio 5 – H2O Aqua

Our Olympic-standard Aquatics Centre is Studio 5 or Studio H2O as it is affectionately known. Our 50m heated pool and leisure pools are the perfect size for aqua fitness. A splash of fun, Studio H2O gets you off the gym floor and into the water. Exercising in water is an ideal option if you’re looking for a low-impact, whole-body workout.  Take care of number one and achieve great results in the temperature-controlled water with gentle movement and effective resistance.

Studio 6 – Outdoor

At Mingara One Fitness, we’re spoilt for space – when the time is right we move outdoors for specialised short-term programs that are great fun. Watch this space!

Wellness Café

Enjoy a post-workout coffee, smoothie or healthy snack. Meet up with friends after your session and enjoy the social, friendly community at the gym.

You can also pre-order and pay for your coffee or food so you don’t have to wait around after you finish your class.