It's that one thing, that one feeling at Mingara One fitness that makes us tick. It’s knowing life’s great and we want you to know it too!

That one thing... It’s exciting, empowering and fun it’s belly laughs, proud tears and a spirit that sees a collective come together as one.

It’s our tribe who love to be challenged, both in body and mind. It’s our tribe who love to have fun as we move a lot, eat healthy, sleep well and live greatly.

Our trainers are one of a kind, they’re inspiring, passionate and knowledgable, they know how to make you feel great.

Their spirit is infectious and no matter your age or ability, they’ll get you to move a lot and help you fall in love with fitness.

We love being part of a community who value our coastal lifestyle, clean living and who love to get involved in a bunch of sweaty fun!