Tracking progress is a powerful way to stay motivated to achieve your goals!

We want to help you get the results you want out of your training, so we’re now offering Bodymapp 3D body scanning to help you see the progress that you don’t see when you step on the scales.

A Bodymapp scan gives you up to 20 different measurements of your body, which can tell you more about your health than weight alone. Measures such as body fat percentage can help you see when you’ve lost fat and gained muscle, even if your weight hasn’t changed!

You can either complete a scan using the iPad set up in the gym, or, if you’ve got a recent iPhone, you can scan in the comfort of your own home using the app! Download the app here

Mingara One Members can access one month free

Redeem your free month by downloading the app here, creating an account and then chatting to our friendly team next time you’re in the gym to get the code.