Hi, I’m Trainer Marty!! Studio 5 is the world of H2O and a great place to enhance your health and fitness in a low impact environment. Aquatic exercise has several health benefits, such as improved heart health, increase in lung capacity, and improved muscular endurance and strength.


We offer a great range of classes from all levels of aqua aerobics, swim programs and spin classes in the water!!!


Our Studio 5 classes:

One Aqua is a traditional take on aqua aerobics, take your cardio workout to water. The resistance and support from the water provide an exciting way to feel alive in the pool.


Aqua Actives a simple, gentle, aerobics style class in the pool. It’s in the 50m pool of a morning and leisure pool of an afternoon– room for plenty of people and plenty of fun.


Aqua Gentle an aqua aerobics class at a much lighter pace. Perfect for rehab, improving joint mobility.


One Swim is a great opportunity to add variety to your workout schedule. Come on in, the water is great! Enjoy this swimming class in our 50m heated pool which caters for all levels and abilities under the guidance of our great team of coaches. Learn a whole set of skills to take your swimming to the next level.


Hydro rider – We’ve dropped your exercise bike in the pool for this one! Mix it up in this combined Aqua and Aqua Cycle class, great muscle and joint support in the pool for high fat burning, lean muscle building class. One to add to your workout mix to keep your body guessing.


No matter where you might be at in your health and fitness journey there is a Studio 5 class for you.