As many of you might know Ryan is helping to beat blood cancer by taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave! Here is his story.

When is Ryan’s great shave?

I am choosing to cut off all of my locks on Thursday 13 April in support of this great cause by both raising funds and also awareness for blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma.

Shave location: The front of Mingara One Fitness

Shave time: 9am

About blood cancer

You may not know it but blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. And every day another 35 people will be diagnosed.

Almost all of us know of someone that has been affected by cancer, whether it be a family member, friend or relative it never gets easier seeing someone go through such a debilitating illness.

Read more about blood cancer here.

My inspiration

I personally have one person to thank for giving me the inspiration to step up for the shave!

Her name is Wendy and many of you know her! Unfortunately, Wendy has been battling Cancer for many years. However 12 years ago after Wendy battled and won the fight against Breast Cancer she started Aqua Aerobics here on the Central Coast at Mingara One Fitness.

Fast forward to 2015 and I was lucky enough to have the privilege to take the Active Over 50’s Aqua classes. These classes are filled with life loving, kind, fun and caring individuals that will often tell me that they only come to Aqua classes for the coffee and chat after.

It was in one of these classes, where I was lucky enough to meet Wendy, who I was told I might not see at times because she was having chemotherapy. Well, I tell you what I would have had no idea, there was this amazing lady in front of me, with the biggest smile of anyone!

Who would have thought that she had battled breast, liver and stomach cancer and yet is jumping as high as the roof!

Give now – let’s make this shave happen!

So thank you to all of you for listening to my story and for any support you can give! Your donations will help more than you know offering vital services for anyone that is affected by cancer and also to help win the battle!
Let’s do this!
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