Training with your other half can have many benefits. Whether you’ve been together for 5 months or 15 years, studies show that couples who work out together are more satisfied within their relationship. Exercise does not only have benefits for your relationship, but also for yourself. Exercise boosts endorphins which promote feelings of happiness and improves your overall health and wellbeing.

Check out our top five reasons why you should considering inviting your partner to your next workout session:

Quality time

Life can get busy, choosing your partner as your workout buddy creates a good excuse to reconnect and get your ‘us time’ back. Make your gym session intentional and choose a fun partner workout that you can do together; it will feel amazing to accomplish something as a team. Our Creche facilities can entertain the kids while you two are on your workout date. The Creche at Mingara is suitable for children aged 12 months to 10 years.

Hot tip: We encourage you to discover your love language, this is not always the same for both partners. The gym is a great environment to express your love languages, particularly quality time and words of affirmation.

Try new things

Use this as an opportunity to mix up your regular gym routine and learn new things from your partner. If you prefer one yoga, and your other half loves lifting weights then make a commitment to give one another’s interests a go. Even better, learn something new together that neither of you have tried before. It creates connection and gives you something to talk about and work towards.

Having your partner with you is a total confidence booster if you are unsure about trying something new. You can motivate each other by cheering one another on.


Your partner often knows you better than anyone else, so they can call your bluff! There can be no excuses when your workout buddy lives with you as they know if you are really sick or not…Committing to a consistent combined workout schedule also creates synergy in your home.

It is also helpful to have a partner at home that is aligned with your journey to encourage healthy eating. You can cook meals together and plan dinners that will assist in your health and wellbeing journey. Check out our recipes for inspiration here.


One team, one dream! Working out together strengthens bonds, builds trust and can improve communication. If you have kids, you can become role models to your children together, showing them how to have a positive connection to physical activity. Why not incorporate them in your workout once a week? You could jump on the trampoline, take a beach walk or go ice skating as a family.


Healthy competition can create a flirtatious atmosphere and having fun together strengthens your emotional and physical bond. Mix up your fitness routine and incorporate a bike ride, hike or swim and encourage fun by making friendly bets when goals are achieved. A reward could be a celebratory dinner at your favourite restaurant or buying each other some new workout clothes.

Working out as a couple has many benefits. You will be proud of each other, healthier, happier and more in love! It’s a win-win.