Welcome to Mingara One Fitness! You’ve taken that first step and have joined the best gym on the Central Coast. With over 180 group fitness classes to choose from, five fitness studios, weights and cardio equipment and an awesome crew of trainers, Mingara One Fitness is your place to find your one thing. First time at the gym…we have all your questions answered.

Take a tour of Mingara One Fitness

You will have visited the gym to sign up, but have you been to the gym since? Ease the nerves and take an online tour here.

Which class to choose?

With over 170 classes our timetable is exciting and potentially a little daunting. Why not check out the timetable in your own time and view it online here. Don’t hesitate to catch up with any of our trainers about which class might best suit your goals. Even catch up for a chat about what happens in each class, what kind of things you like to do and what you might like to do or even find some courage to try something out of your comfort zone.

Check out the studios.

Have you visited our YouTube channel yet? Take a look and you can catch up on what happens in our studios, find some workout inspiration, some how-to guides and learn some more about our different classes – straight from our trainers.


Need to know more?

We’ve had plenty of people join our gym – some for the first time in a gym ever, some who made the switch to come to the best gym on the Central Coast and we have gathered together the most frequently asked questions and put them together here for you to read.

Our FAQ’s

Where can I get help in the gym?

Anyone wearing a blue Mingara One Fitness shirt is here for your assistance!! Anytime you need help or would like to ask questions, we are here for you! If you’d like some one-on-one time with a trainer to ask questions, feel free to book in a time in the week down at the fitness reception desk and we can line up a trainer for you!

What do I need to bring to classes?

All you need is your membership card, a towel, drink bottle, enclosed shoes (unless you are doing a class in studio three) and your enthusiasm!!!

Do I need to book in for classes?

No need to book in for any classes, however, you will need to collect a ticket for your class. You will need to register on arrival for Hydro Rider and One Float. The registration list and class tickets will be available 30mins prior to the classes start time.

How early should I get there before the class starts?

If this is your first class, we recommend you arrive 10 minutes prior to the class starting. This is an opportunity to get to know our instructors, and they can assist you with the set up process if needed (body pump, one yoga, Fitbox, etc). This is also a great opportunity to ask our trainer questions or informing them of any restrictions you may have.

Can someone show me how to use the cardio and weights machines?

We sure can!!! It’s preferable to book in at reception with a trainer in advance, however, if you see a trainer, please feel free to ask on the fly we always love to help our members out.

What if I’m pregnant, can I still do classes?

Yep, you sure can!! We advise that any class you would like to participate in whilst your pregnant, that you mention it to the fitness instructor before the class commences. They can then give you alternative movements and advice during the classes if needed. We also recommend seeking advice from your doctor before anything to get cleared to exercise. You are also welcome to book in with a trainer, and have a chat about any questions or concerns you might have about exercising whilst you’re pregnant.

You can use the pool – how do I get into the pool

The pool is included in your membership. All you need to do is provide your Mingara Club card (the same one you use in the gym) at the Aquatic Reception Desk to approve entry.

How does the locker system work?

Let’s help you with that! Either grab one of us in the blue trainer’s shirts where we can show you, or if you just need a reminder.

  • Pick your locker – remember the locker number!

Then to set your password:

  • Put your belongings inside and close the door – remember your locker number!
  • Head to the panel and enter a 4-digit code of your choice. You should hear a beep sound and the door will lock.
  • When you’ve finished, head to the panel – enter your locker number and you will be prompted to use the same 4-digit code to re-open your selected locker – it will pop open.
Why it’s important to swipe in?

We need to know who is in the gym at all times. To ensure your safety we need to make sure you swipe your card every time. If you’ve lost your card, we’ve got you covered – we will print another one for you when you’re at the fitness reception.

Where can I find some workout inspiration, Insta YouTube and Facebook?

www.mingaraone.com.au is our platform to give all our members inspiration about all the possibilities of health and fitness. The Mingara One Fitness website is the hub that can send you to Facebook, Instagram, Trainer Blogs, Information about Nutrition, YouTube Videos etc. All our information is current and updated frequently informing every one of the current trends and motivation tips!!

It’s my first time in a class – what should I do?

Awesome idea to try something new!!! No worries at all our Instructors have got you covered. We recommend you arrive at the class approx. 10 mins early so our instructor can introduce themselves and help get you started. They will offer tips and pointers on what to expect in the class and to go at your own pace.

How often does the timetable change?

The timetable will generally change after the summer and winter seasons, approximately twice a year.

If ever you need a hand in the gym, have some fitness or class questions or simply would love a chat…our trainers and crew are always ready to chat and to help you with any of your gym and fitness needs.

Visit Mingara One Fitness for more information.