Got under 10 minutes to spare? Hit the cross trainer or bike to get the legs and calories burning.

9 Mins Cross Trainer or Bike

  1. 1 min Level  8
  2. 1min Level  10
  3. 1 min Level  12

X 3 ( Aim to hold above 70 RPM at all times ). Your legs will be moving!!


Check out Ryan’s vid on how to set up a bike properly to get the most from your workout.

Not sure to how to get started on the cross trainer – just ask one of the crew who will be stoked to help you out.
Legs 11 will tone and shape your bum and thighs – all while burning off any weekend indulgences in the calorie department.

Mix it up

Increase the resistance levels on the bike or cross trainer to add even more benefits for your burn.

Too easy?

Each minute hop off the bike or cross trainer and add in 10 body weight exercises like squats or lunges. Not sure how to lunge properly check out this clip.

Keep the workouts coming

Legs 11 is the perfect way to kick off your legs session – want more leg workouts – check in with the crew at Mingara One Fitness.