You’ve probably seen him chatting with mates on the treadmill or having a laugh in our Young at Heart classes. Mal is 76 years young and feeling fit and strong these days!

Since joining Mingara One Fitness…

I joined Mingara One Fitness back in 2008. My doctor had diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes and told me I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes. That same day I walked myself into Mingara and signed up for a membership.

For a long time, I stuck to the machines. I would ride the bikes and walk on the treadmills. It was easy to build a routine with great trainers around. I remember meeting Nicole and Cheyne in the early days – they were so encouraging.

One day I was doing my normal exercise routine, and one of the trainers Narelle said to me, “Come and try my class – it’s something different, you’ll love it!”and she was right! The Young at Heart class is great! We can build our strength, get fit and have a laugh all at the same time. Afterwards, a group of us usually go upstairs to The Roasted Berry for a coffee. The staff here are wonderful; they always have time for you and love a chat as much as I do!

At Mingara, you’ll meet people from all walks of life – that’s what I love. I worked as a paramedic for 33 years and learnt that no matter what kind of car you drive or job you do, eventually everyone gets older, and sometimes you get sick (life doesn’t discriminate). It’s a bit confronting, but that’s why your health is so important.

Since joining Mingara One Fitness, I have gotten back into a healthy weight range and my doctors say my health has improved dramatically. I can’t say enough about the social side of the gym too. You can’t put a price on your mental health, but coming to Mingara One Fitness has kept me physically and mentally fit!