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All about Kylie
I have worked in the industry for 25 years. I started with freestyle step, circuits, Hi Low classes and freestyle cycle.
I then trained in Body Step, RPM, Pilates, Body Balance and then my all time favourites – Yoga and meditation. Never stop learning has always been my goal!

My motto in the fitness industry Self Care/Self Love. Always feed the soul!

I am passionate about healthy lifestyle. As I mature it’s about longevity and doing what we love until we leave this world.
Healthy food (clean food), being active (me yoga(meditation),Pilates, Body Balance,cycling and long walks).


  • Degree Health science (Nursing)
  • Post graduate in Critical Care Nursing
  • Certificate 3 Fitness (with a specialisation in senior training)
  • Fitball trained
  • Freestyle Cycle and RPM
  • Body Step and Freestyle
  • Body Balance
  • Yin Yoga trained
  • Level 1 200 hour teacher trained (currently studying towards 500 hour)

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