3 new workouts with thanks to @nicfit from Mingara One Fitness, here are three new workouts to freshen up your day to day workouts. These are designed for those who are looking for an advanced challenge to really spice up their workouts. These are workouts for in the gym – unless you have a heap of gym equipment stashed away at your place!

1. Legs

How many?

Do each superset 3 times unless otherwise stated.

  1. Seated leg press x 10 HEAVY
  2. 1/3 the weight and do single leg press x 10 each leg x 3
  3. Single leg deadlift with dumbbells x 10 each leg
  4. 5×5 back squat HEAVY
  5. Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells x 10 each leg
  6. Dumbbell front squats x 10
  7. Step ups with a bar on back x 10 each leg
  8. Stiff leg deadlifts x 10
Leg Finisher
  1. 20 x Plyo lunges
  2. 20 x Quick step ups on each leg
  3. 20 x Squat pulses
  4. 20 x Squat jumps
  5. 20 x Calf raises

Do this 5 times to finish!

2. Back, Biceps and Core

  1. Deadlifts 5 x 5
  2. Negative chin-ups x 10
  3. Bicep curl with dumbbells x 10
  4. Isolateral low row x 10
  5. Dumbbells bent over row x 10
  6. Cable rope bicep curl x 10
  7. Lateral pulldown x 10
Back & Bicep Finisher
  1. 10 x Straight arm pulldown
  2. 10 x Dumbbells hammer curls
  3. 10 x Reverse flies
  4. 10 x T-Raises
  5. 10 x Single arm snatches

x 5 times through

  1. Glute bridges with weight plate in lap x 30
  2. Standing side trunk with dumbbells x 15 each side
  3. Jacknife sit-ups x 10
  4. Single leg jackknifes x10 each side (x 3 rounds Hover x 90 secs x 2)

3. Chest, Triceps & Shoulder

  1. Incline bench press x10
  2. Flat bench flies x10
  3. Standing cable flies x10
  4. Decline push ups x10
  5. Flat bench chest press 6x 6
  6. Dips x 10
  7. Single arm side raises x10 each Side
  8. Front raises x10
  9. Tricep French press x10
  10. Seated strict press x10
  11. Tricep rope pulldown x10
Chest, Triceps & Shoulder Finisher
  1. 20x Side raises
  2. 20x Push-ups
  3. 20x tricep bench dips
  4. 20x push presses
  5. 20x upright rows

x 5

Just ask?

Do you need some more work out inspiration or do you need some help with what all these moves are? Even if you are familiar with these exercises it may be worth your while to get a technique check – familiarity can allow a few technique issues to sneak in which can really affect your workout and potentially be more damaging than effective.

At Mingara One Fitness there is always someone from our crew on the floor who can give you some work out inspiration, push you through a few challenges, spot you if needed and can give advice on technique or an alternative exercise.

We can’t wait to see you in the gym.

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