What is the one exercise that most of you are absolutely terrified of? Hint – this exercise burns up to 1000 calories an hour and is practically free. What other reasons do you need to get started running? Check out John’s honest, funny and spot on advice that runners of any skill level should watch. You are guaranteed to learn something new, and maybe even begin to love running!

Whether you want to participate in a charity run, a fun run, a beach run, increase your cardio, mix up your workouts or simply head outdoors to train in the sunshine, the thought of heading out on a run can be daunting and demotivating. Watch John’s clip to get your running zen on – full of passion, great advice, handy tips and fun.

New to running?

If you are new to running John’s advice is to be sure that you have been walking for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week about 3 months before you try to transition to running.

What is the right running shoe for you?

Everyone’s foot and body structure and running gait is different. John prefers a zero drop shoe – so your foot lands the way it is designed to do.

  • Choose shoes appropriate for running and that fit well — they don’t cause any discomfort or blisters.
  • Replace your running shoes at least every 600 km.

Playlists vs Podcasts?

John prefers podcasts – playlists too risky (he trips over stuff). Everyone is different. Whatever motivates you and is safe for you to run listening to – have at it!

Running nutrition

Planning to head out on a run over one-hour long? If that’s the case you will need to fuel up along the way. Under an hour – go and get out there with your bad self! Refuel when you return – try an electrolyte supplement – not a Gatorade / Powerade or other sugar filled drink. Have a watch of the clip to find out what John thinks your post run supplement should taste like.

Get ready to get tight!

Your chest, calves and feet will get tight. To release the tension in your feet try rolling a tennis ball around under your feet to release your arches. A golf ball is also good for this – a bit harder and more intense though.
a tennis ball and a golf ball

Get the stretches happening.

Do your simple stretches – John has some great advice on the best running stretches in his clip. John is adamant that for most runners that their hip flexors are getting neglected. Hip flexors connect in and around to your lower back and if you are based at a desk all day or love to sit around watching Netflix – this is where the pain in your lower back may stem from. Watch out for “rugby butt!”  Check out John’s killer stretch to get rid of lower back pain and the dreaded ‘rugby butt’. John rates it as one of the most important stretches for a runner.

How long should I stretch for?

Johns’ rule to live by. You should stretch for a minimum of 10% of the time you were running. You can catch John throughout the week at Mingara One FItness leading a few Hot Yoga classes – perfect for adding into your running training plan.

Why run

Running builds up bone density – particularly in the lower extremities. It is great for overall bone health.
Your cardio vascular and respiratory system gets a boost.

Running technique

  • Don’t hunch forward. Stand up and open your chest, allow for greater oxygen intake. Your hands will also swing from the hips up to the chest and down – not across the body (check out Jon’s demo for a giggle).
  • Your feet when they land should be pulling up from the hips.
  • Do not bounce or over-stride. Don’t let your foot get ahead of your knee. Run from the hips down with the upper body straight up and used only for balance.
  • Breath in through your nose and out through pursed lips.
  • Ensure a slight tilt on your body as you propel forward.

The aim is to be an efficient runner, i.e the amount of steps that you are turning over in relation to distance covered.

Ultimate training tip

Don’t increase the distance that you run by more than 10% each week. Your cardio system may feel like it can go further but your ligaments can’t.
Oh and don’t forget to ENJOY your running!

Wanting more?

Has this abundance of running information ignited a new passion for running or are you simply keen for a new fitness challenge? Visit Mingara One Fitness to start your running program to day. Catch up with John on the gym floor for some general running tips and overall life wisdom or book in for some Personal Training where you can set your running goal, work on your technique, fitness and overall running ability.