It is the start of Autumn, now is a great time to set new goals! Trainer Reece shares his top seven tips to help you stay motivated:

1. Plan your perfect week

What does your perfect week look like? Is it getting into the gym twice, three times? Maybe your goal is to come to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a bonus session on the weekend. Think about the types of workouts in your perfect week… I encourage you to plan to mix up your training with a balance of classes, and your own training on the gym floor. Whatever it looks like to you, plan your perfect week on Sunday night and hold yourself accountable to that plan.

2. Keep your gym bag in the car

Having your gym bag packed and ready to go in your car is a great visual reminder to inspire you to go to the gym. For me personally, I find having my gym bag on the passenger seat the best spot. Life gets busy, and some days I don’t want to go to the gym. Give yourself permission to do a quick 30 minute workout on those days. I’ve never heard anyone say that they feel bad after doing a workout. Thanks to the endorphins released after we finish exercising, we feel good.

3. Set reminders on your phone or in your calendar

When you are planning your perfect week, set reminders in your phone for each session. This is a great opportunity to label each reminder something inspiring  or fun to encourage yourself. For example, part of my fitness philosophy is “All progress in your life starts with you”. Having that notification pop up an hour or two before a class starts can be really motivating.

4. Find a training buddy

Grab a friend, or a family member to work out with on a regular basis is great for accountability, inspiration and adding fun to your day! Bonus points for choosing someone who makes you laugh.

5. Write your goals down

Writing your goals down and keeping somewhere where you can see them daily e.g. the mirror in your bathroom at home, acts as a reminder to make an effort, to keep trying and to continue to push towards your goals for future you.

6. Find something you love and do more of it

Do more of the exercises and classes that fill your tank. If you really love something, you will want to keep doing it. Why not start with some of my classes? You can find me in One Yoga, Meditation, One WOD and One Aqua.

7. Share your goals with your friends and family

Don’t be afraid to share what your goals are with your friends and family because they will be there to support you and check in from time to time with how you’re going with your journey.

The first steps can be the hardest, but are the most rewarding. If you need some assistance, we’re always here to help. We would love to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals. Give us a call to catch up with a Mingara One trainer, coffee is on us!